Kobra Cyclone HS6/006 + Compactor C-500

KobraSKU: KB Cyclone HS6 + C-500

Sale price$38,130.00


Shredder Application: Industrial

Shredder Line: Industrial Line

Security level (DIN 66399): P-6 | P-7

Shreddable materials: Paper

Cutting Capacity: Up to 500 sheets

Throughput: Up to 490 lbs/hour

Throat Width (W x D): 13 x 9 inch

Run Time: Continuous

Noise Level: 75-85 dB(A)

Voltage: 208 V, Three Phase (50 amps per phase)

Power Consumption: 8 HP (Cyclone) + 3 HP (Compactor C-500)

Weight: 970 lb. Cyclone + 485 lb. Compactor

Dimensions (W x D x H): 32 x 85 x 84 inch (Cyclone), 43 x 23 x 58 inch (Compactor C-500)


Kobra Cyclone 006 is a commercial paper shredder to destroy large volumes of classified documents at security levels P-5 to P-7. The high-speed rotating blades can shred up to 500 sheets in one cycle. Meanwhile, the compactor C-500 compresses and reduces the volume of shredded paper by up to 5 times to maximize waste storage.

Kobra Cyclone HS6/006 + compactor is easy to install and operate without maintenance. The load meter monitors the shredding capacity and load on the turbine for continuous shredding operations. The integrated vacuum system provides a clean and dust-free shredding environment.


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