Clary Business Machines

Clary Business Machines Co has the devotion, expertise, and competency that a long-term investment in a professional business should have. Clary Co. was created in 1954 in San Diego to provide local companies, government organizations, and educational institutions with technology solutions that boost operational efficiency while cutting costs.

Clary has established itself as a recognized provider of cutting-edge end-to-end technical solutions, earning accolades such as INC 5000 and "Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in San Diego," as well as a customer base of over 45,000 satisfied corporate, educational, and government clients. We provide customized solutions ranging from video conferencing to interactive learning tools, document management systems, and medical diagnostic gadgets, all to increase our clients' profits. Some of the reasons why you should put your trust in us for long-term energy independence and environmental conservation are listed below:

  • We've been operational since 1954 and have over 8,000 loyal customers that do business with us.
  • As a result of our focus on customer pleasure, Clary has grown by 324 percent in the last three years; it is currently ranked 940 on the INC 5000 list and No. 34 on the San Diego Business Journal's Fastest-Growing 100 Private Companies list.
  • Clary is commonly known as the largest countrywide partner in various industries such as Kobra shredders for office products, Panasonic for the classroom technology business, Sony for video conferencing, and much more.
  • Our company philosophy is based on quality and timeliness.
  • Ensuring our workers' happiness helps them give outstanding service to our customers. As a result, one-third of our staff have been with Clary for more than ten years, and our turnover rate is relatively low.
  • Our technical team has received manufacturer training and certification to service the products we provide.
  • From constructing an interactive whiteboard at the Los Angeles Unified School District to overhauling National Geographic's video communications systems, we are capable of exceeding our clients' expectations on every project, regardless of its size.
  • We can ensure that our clients receive the best collaboration and assistance because of our long-term and (in some instances) exclusive partnerships with equipment manufacturers.
  • Our extensive product line allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of customers as most of our revenue is directly dependent on repeat business from our clients. As a result, we value after-sales service and thus have employed an in-house customer support team to provide prompt service to our customers.
  • Automated phone greeting systems are not something we believe in. When you phone us, you will speak immediately with one of our sales reps without having to wait.
  • Give us a call right now to see how we can improve your company's operational efficiency while cutting costs. Call us at (800) 992-5279 or send us an email right now.


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