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Kobra Cyclone + Compactor C-500 Level 6: NSA/CSS Approved

Industrial Cross Cut Shredder + Compactor
  • Security Level: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Shred Type: Cross Cut
  • Shred Size: Varies upon security level
  • Sheet Capacity: 500
  • Shredder Speed: Up to 940 lbs. per hour
    Credit card capacity: 45.000/hour
    CD / DVD / Blu-ray capacity: 15.000/hour
    Floppy Disk capacity: 7.000/hour.
  • Shredding Output: up to 940 lbs. per hour (theoretical output)
  • Bin Size: 100 Gallon
  • Throat Size: 13" x 9"
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 32" x 85" x 84"
  • Weight: 2300 lbs
  • Noise Level: 75/85 dba

  • Kobra COMPACTOR C-500

  • Voltage (V/Hz): 208/60 - 3 phases + neutral
  • Power: 3 hp
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 43" x 23" x 58"
  • Weight: 420 lbs
  • Accessories: Plastic waste bags (100 gallons, 50 per box, part number CB-93)
Can Shred:
Staples Staples Paper Clips Paper Clips
Credit Cards Credit Cards Floppy-Disk Floppy-Disk
CDs-DVDs CDs/DVDs/Blu Ray Card Board Cardboard
Carton Boxes Carton Boxes Plastic Bottles Plastic Bottles
Aluminium Can Aluminium Can    
Condition: New
Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty on cutting head and one year warranty on all other parts excluding wearables
Freight: $500.00
Kobra Cyclone Shredder with Compactor C-500
List Price: $50,395
Our Price: $34,000

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  • Kobra Cyclone Shredder
    High Security Shredder

    Kobra Cyclone Shredder - Sheet Capacity: 32
    - Shred Type: Cross Cut
    - Security: Level 2-6
    - Speed: 17 ft./min.
    - Throat Size: 10.6"

    List Price: $29,950
    Our Price: $22,824

  • Kobra 400 HS-6 Shredder
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    Kobra Shredder 400 HS-6 - Sheet Capacity: 25
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    - Speed: 17 ft./min.
    - Throat Size: 10.6"

    List Price: $15,445
    Our Price: $9,653

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Kobra Cyclone is a highly professional model made especially for high-volume shredding with ultimate security. It is available in security levels 002, 003, 004, 005, and 006. The security level 5 is NATO approved. Kobra Cyclone meets the shredding standards of Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO). One of the major conveniences offered by Kobra is ability to change the security level even after installation. You can keep your desired security level which can be switched any time with a simple process. Its powerful thermal protected motor enables it to operate continuously without oiling or any special maintenance. You can operate in continuously without the risk of overheating. It can shred any type of material such as papers, CDs, DVDs, Floppy-disks, Blu-ray, credit cards, cardboard, carton boxes, plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

The cyclone shredder is equipped with a lot of user-friendly features and is really easy to operate. You just need to put the material in it, it automatically shreds and shifts to stand-by mode after completing the shredding process. It is equipped with an amazing 100 Gallon capacity waste bag, which can easily be removed for waste disposal No matter at which security level you operate it, its sheet capacity of up to 500 sheets remains the same. Its high speed rotating blades gives amazing per hour shredding speed. For example, the CDs/DVDs or Blu-ray disks are shredded at the rate of 15,000 discs per hour, credit cards at 45,000 cards per hour and floppy-disk at 7,000 disks per hour.

The Kobra cyclone is equipped with a load meter which continually keeps the users updated about the shredding capacity. It comes with an in-built integrated vacuum which ensures clean and dust-free operating environment. Its double insulated shredding section ensures low-noise operation which makes it exactly fit for shared workspaces. It can also be attached to Kobra Compactor C-500 which compresses and reduces the volume of the shredded paper by 4 to 5 times. The Kobra Cyclone with all these respective features is perfect for the government or security agencies which cannot compromise on information confidentiality.


Model Cyclone
Throat width 13" x 9"
Shred size According to the installed Security Level
Sheet Capacity 500 sheets
Security Level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Noise Level 75 - 85 dba
Bin Capacity 100 Gallon
Credit Cards 45,000 per hour
CD-DVD ROMs 15,000 per hour
Floppy-Disks 7,000 per hour
Voltage 208/60 V/Hz - 3 phases + neutral
Power 8 Hp EFF 1 high efficiency motor
Dimensions 32" x 85" x 84"
Weight 2300 lbs
Supplies and accessories for Kobra Cyclone Shredder
Select Product Components
Title Price
Kobra Shredder Oil[1032] Kobra Shredder Oil
Quantity: 4 - 7 oz. bottle.
Kobra Shredder Oil[SO-1532] Kobra Shredder Oil
Quantity: 4 - 1 quart bottle.
Cyclone Shredder Bags[CB-93 HD] Heavy Duty Cyclone Shredder Bags
Quantity: 5 Bags/Box
Kobra Cyclone Air filter[CF-13] Kobra Cyclone Air filter
Quantity: 10/Pack
For use with Kobra Cyclone only.
Kobra Shredder Bags[CB-93] Kobra Cyclone Shredder Bags
Quantity: 50 Bags
Kobra Cyclone Cutting Screens [CS-00X] Kobra Cyclone Cutting Screens
Compatible with Kobra Cyclone only.
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