Best Kobra Shredders to Buy in 2023

Information is the most useful tool for companies; hence document security is critical in today's environment. Vital information should never fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is prudent for organizations to protect themselves against identity theft by shredding confidential papers before disposal.

Elcoman's Kobra shredders offer comprehensive document security solutions for hard and soft documents. These shredding machines, developed and manufactured in Italy, are known worldwide for their premium quality, remarkable durability, and innovative technology. Kobra Shredders are custom manufactured to dispose of data on various media types, including Paper, Credit Cards, Hard Drives, Films, and Optical Media.

Kobra document security solutions have applications in multiple sectors. From personal, small, medium, and large offices to industrial and digital media shredders, Kobra caters to various shredding needs of its valued customers.

Kobra features three revolutionary product lines, including Classic Line, Industrial Line, and Touch Screen Line of Shredders. Each product line has its distinguishing attributes and provides shredding ease to various customers, per their requirements.

A few unique features of these technologically advanced machines include 24-hour continuous motors, energy smart operations, touch screen technology, smart control panels, jam-reversing capabilities, automatic oiling, and metal detector systems.

We have listed our best-performing shredding machines to help our customers find the product of their choice.

Kobra Cyclone Industrial Shredder

Kobra Cyclone is an exceptional industrial shredder with multiple security options combined within a single machine. Gone are the days when you have to choose between security levels and compromise your data security.

Kobra Cyclone uses alternating cutting screens to produce four different shred sizes associated with Level P-2, P-3, P-4, and P-5 security. These screens fit effortlessly within the internal shredder chamber. You can amp up the security level by replacing the screens and choosing the shred size per requirement. The lower security levels are best suited for bulk shredding with a relatively larger cut size.

The high volume shredder features a cutting capacity of up to 500 sheets per cycle and produces up to 420 lbs throughput per hour. In addition, the built-in automatic oiler provides continuous lubrication to cutting shafts for enhanced performance.

The high-power rotating blades, coupled with turbine power, can tear through paper, credit cards, optical media disks, plastic bottles, carton boxes, and aluminum cans effortlessly. Moreover, an integrated vacuum system provides the user with a cleaner and dust-free environment.

Kobra 400 HS-6 Combi Shredder

Kobra 400 HS-6 Combi High Security Shredder combines paper and optical media shredding within a single machine. The NSA-Approved shredder complies with the most strenuous safety standards to shred paper at P-7 and optical media at the O-7 security level. As a result, it produces a minuscule shred size that is non-reconstruct able, even with electronic devices.

400 HS-6 Kobra Shredder features two dedicated cutting heads for shredding paper and plastic media. An integrated automatic oiler provides continuous oiling of cutting cylinders to produce a throughput of 2550 disks/hour. Two removable bin containers store 29 gallons of paper and 26 gallons of plastic. Combined with Kobra Shredder Bags, 400 combi ensures effortless waste collection and disposal.

Kobra AF.2 Auto-Compact Shredder

Kobra AF.2 Compactor is a revolutionary paper shredding machine designed to provide bulk shredding in offices and industries. The P-4 shredder has an automatic feeder to accommodate up to 400 sheets per cycle and gives a throughput rate of 50 sheets per minute. The exclusive compacting system reduces the volume of shredded media by four times to optimize the bin capacity and thus can hold up to 160 gallons of waste materials.

Kobra AF.2 Shredder is equipped with a continuous-duty motor and an oil-free system to maintain optimal performance without machine overheating. In addition, an automatic reverse functionality ensures hassle-free operations by eliminating potential jams and blockages in the feed. Moreover, it's an energy-smart machine that goes into standby mode within 12 seconds of inactivity to reduce power consumption.


Constantly striving to develop the most advanced solutions and provide a seamless user experience, Kobra is the most trusted brand in the market. The 35 years of expertise, research and development makes Kobra Shredders unparalleled in their operations.

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