Kobra shredder has a prominent name in the shredder industry. In reality, it is one of the world's largest shredder industries, consisting of various types of shredders, Including paper, optical media, magnetic, electronic, and data shredders. Elcoman is an Italian corporation that manufactures and sells it in over 90 countries worldwide. Kobra is built to European safety standards and complies with international safety regulations. It is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to shredders, and this is primarily because of its high-efficiency features and high-quality construction for years.


Kobra shredders offer shredders ranging from essential strip-cut shredders to cross-cut paper shredders to highly complex industrial size shredders capable of shredding up to 500 sheets at a time. Kobra shredders can shred material of different kinds: DVD, CD, cardboard, floppy disc, blu-ray, credit card, aluminum can, plastic bottle, and different hard cartons. Not only that, but it also caters to a range of various safety standards ranging from P2 to P7 and NSA-approved shredders that can be utilized by agencies containing classified data. It also comprises a range specially designed to match industrial level requirements.

Kobra is a market leader for data security, making it unique. The diverse range of data destruction makes it easier for the customer to choose from, including optical media. Some unique features comprise of:

  • Steel gears specially hardened through carbon
  • Continuous running motor (24 hours)
  • 100% auto-reverse (Environmentally Friendly)
  • Energy Smart
  • Metal Detectors inside
  • Auto Oiler

The new touch screen machine can disconnect from the power supply if four straight hours of no usage. If the shredder is not in use for 8 seconds, it will automatically go into a stand-by mode, which can restart by putting in material inside the shredder.

Why Kobra?

Kobra shredders are known worldwide for producing high-quality, efficient personal shredders, an industrial shredder that meets European and international standards approved for international safety requirements. The Kobra paper shredder brand name has gained a lot of credibility over the years, and you can put your confidence in it. Its unique characteristics, such as a 24-hour continuous motor, make it more efficient in use. Our valued customer feedback has made it a far more trustworthy brand throughout the years. Each item is extraordinarily well-featured, technologically sophisticated, and priced competitively in the market.

A guarantee for quality and security. Every part is made with extreme attention to detail with the most durable and reliable resources. If you closely look at its blades, knives, steel gears, and chain, you can observe this yourself. There is no comparison in durability or even the highly advanced and technological systems.

KOBRA Brand Values

  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Quality
  • Design


A team specially designated to built-in innovative features provides ease and comfort at the most reasonable prices. We make sure to put in some value solely by the unique features that we add.


Consistently working towards improvements and making the brand as technologically advanced as possible, committed to making the product unique for the user by putting up technology with the most up-to-date technology.


Quality is not compromised upon what KOBRA is known for. Therefore it is made sure that the quality is exceptionally well, easy to use, and reliable. The level of performance beats all shredders in the market.


Aside from the above features, design is not compromised upon. It also focuses on making the product as up-to-date with the market trends as possible. It has a sleek finish to its product, making it visually appealing.

Specialty Shredders

The Kobra HS level 6 shredder and the KOBRA Cyclone shredder meet the security criteria for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The P-7 shredders have a highly secure cut approved by CSS/NSA and fall under the US government standards for the National Security Agency. Not only for the US but its shredders are also compliant with other worldwide standards. The KOBRA 240 HS high-security shredder has been supplied in the G7 and G8 summits to different Prime Ministers and Presidents of foreign countries; Canada, US, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, UK, and Italy, to get the maximum level of security for destruction. A single sheet is a shredder when it passes through a 0.8 x 5 mm cut divided into 16000 pieces making it impossible to reconstruct. The Kobra Cyclone is also one of its well-known shredders that complies with the safety shredding standards.


Constantly striving to implement the most advanced solutions and provide ease, KOBRA is the most trusted brand. All of this has been made possible through extensive research and experience over the time frame of 35 years. Starting from one small machine to an industry leader now.


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