• Delivery costs vary per item. However, we do our best to charge accurate shipping costs. If you need your item delivered overnight, the next day, or if you have any other shipping requirements, please get in touch with us. Due to the shipping availability of an item, we retain the right to send by any courier service; a handling charge will apply for specific consular certification and export papers.
  • We cannot transport things to some geographic locations due to warranty issues and manufacturer limitations, such as the size of the product being too large to ship to a P.O. box that requires a street address to be shipped.
  • Only business days are quoted for shipping. For instance, if you request overnight delivery on Saturday, your shipment will ship on Monday and arrive on Tuesday.
  • Please add at least two to three business days to the projected delivery date for your purchase if you reside in an area suffering an unforeseen service delay (extreme weather, natural calamities, unannounced events, etc.).
  • Availability of shipment is subject to change. We are not liable for any shipment delays or problems caused by the chosen shipping provider.


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