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Kobra Shredder 270 TS S5

Office Strip Cut Shredder
  • Security Level: 2
  • Shred Type: Strip Cut
  • Shred Size: 1/4"
  • Sheet Capacity: up to 32
  • Shredder Speed: 17 ft./min.
  • Bin Size: 29 Gallon
  • Throat width: 10.6"
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 21.2" x 17.2" x 35.2"
  • Weight: 99 lbs
Can Shred:
Papers Papers  Staples
 Paper Clips Credit Cards Credit Cards
CDs-DVDs CDs / DVDs    
Condition: New
Warranty: one year parts & 90 days labor & five years for the cutting blade
Freight: Free Shipping
Kobra Shredder 270 TS S5
List Price: $2,735
Our Price: $1,709

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The Kobra 270 TS S5 is a security level 2 strip-cut shredder, ideal for use in medium size offices. The paper shredder offers two sets of cutting blades specified for separate shredding of papers and CD’s/DVD’s. The Kobra 270 TS S5 at a shredding speed of 17 ft/min can shred 32 sheets of paper in one cycle. Also, it comes with a large feed opening of 10.2” that gives the users the leverage to feed the shredder with odd sized paper. With this large feed opening you also don’t need to worry about paper jams even if you feed it with crumpled papers. Another quite impressive feature that you will notice in the Kobra 270 TS S5 is its large bin size of 29-gallons. A good bin size always gives you more time to empty it and it’s always worth it in the long run to have a shredder with a large bin size.

The Kobra 270 TS S5 is designed with an interactive and simple touch-screen control panel. It is equipped with an Electronic Power Control feature that guides the user about the optimum workload by displaying the exact load requirement. This allows the users to ensure a jam-free shredding process. The Kobra 270 TS S5 automatically shifts to automatic-reverse mode if it is over-fed with the shredding material. Another very convenient feature that this shredder offers are the two bins for separate collection of paper and plastic waste.

The Kobra 270 TS S5 is equipped with a powerful motor, which enables it to operate continuously. The cutting blades are specially designed to withstand heavy workloads making it perfect for use in organizations that require high volume shredding with moderate security. Similarly, it has super potential power system, which consists of durable metal chain and steals gears. The shredder is manufactured with the Energy Smart power saving mechanism. It shifts to stand-by mode if not used for 8 seconds. Similarly, if not used for four hours, the Kobra 270 TS S5 strip cut shredder disconnects itself from the main power. 


Elcoman presents the Kobra 270 TS professional shredder equipped with a touch screen control panel activating the shredder functions. Kobra 270 shreds up to 32 sheets at a time, obstacle indicators show the shredding load required to optimize shredding. It shreds credit cards CDs DVDs and floppy disk. Shredding can be stopped and reversed so just by touching the stop button. Convenient and safe 270 millimeter main throat when the shreds bag is full or its door is opened shredding automatically stops with an obstacle indicator. The energy smart energy saving system puts the shredder into standby mode just after 8 seconds from the last operation and automatically switches off the machine after four hours of non operation. The control panel shows a paper jam if the cutting knives that need to be oiled or if the integrated automatic oiler bottle is empty. A 110 litre cabinet, straight for cross cut shred are collected into two distinct bins for separating shredded paper from plastic shreds placed on sliding tracks to make the empty operations easy. Cutting knives are made of carbon hardened steel unaffected by staples and metal. The 24-hour continuous duty motor without duty cycles and the chain drive system provides strength and durability over the years. Automatic integrated oiler automatically lubricate the cutting knives. Once the oil bottle is empty and illuminated optical signal warns about the need to replace the bottle inside the cabinet. Metal detector worn when large metal objects are accidentally inserted into the entry opening and stop the machine before they reach the cutting knives

Model 270 TS S5
Sheet Capacity 32 Sheets
Shred Size (Paper) 1/4"
Security Level DIN 2
Throat Width 10.6"
Bin Size 29 Gallon
Dimensions (W*D*H) 21.2" x 17.2" x 35.2"
Weight 99 lbs
Can Shred Papers, Staples, Paper Clips, Credit Cards, CDs/DVDs
Shredder Speed 17 ft./min.
Power 3/4 HP
Voltage Cycle (v/Hz) 115/60 V/Hz
Noise level 55 dba
Kobra 270 TS S5 General Office Shredder
I own my own business, and my office was in need of a shredder that could handle moderate to light daily use. I found this Kobra shredder for my office, and I have not regretted the purchase for a single second.

This is not a machine designed for heavy use. My office currently has another heavy duty cross-cut shredder for non-confidential documents. This shredder was purchased because the old one does not have the high shredding capacity that this one does. The shredding volume is very impressive. I can shred between 32 sheets of paper at once. I am happy to say that this shredder does its job. The machine cuts pages into tiny strips of paper. This shredder is ideal for any business or organization that needs a reliable machine to shred their old documents.

The safety features are better than I have seen on a machine in a while. The shredder shuts off after 4 hours on non-use. These safety features help extend the life of this machine. The 10.6-inch feeding section makes my shredding jobs easier. It is wide enough to shred sheets without the need to cut or fold the sheets to get them through the feeding area.

Heavy-duty operation is reserved for another shredder that is designed to perform such a task. This is a great buy for those who have old documents that that need to get rid of to make space in storage rooms. I like everything about this machine. This is a very good investment.

Supplies and accessories for Kobra Shredder 270 TS S5
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Kobra Shredder Bags[SB-35] Kobra Shredder Bags
Quantity: 50 Bags/Box
Kobra Shredder Oil[1032] Kobra Shredder Oil
Quantity: 4 - 7 oz. bottle.
Warranties for Kobra 270 TS S5 Shredder
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Kobra Shredder Oil[Kobra 270 TS S5-W1]
1 Year Extended Warranty
Kobra Shredder Oil[Kobra 270 TS S5-W2]
2 Years Extended Warranty
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