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Kobra Shredder 240 C2

Office Cross Cut Shredder
  • Security Level: 4
  • Shred Type: Cross Cut
  • Shred Size: 3/32" x 5/8"
  • Sheet Capacity: up to 10
  • Shredder Speed: 22 ft./min.
  • Bin Size: 9.5 Gallon
  • Throat width: 9.5"
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 14.5" x 13" x 22"
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
Can Shred:
Papers Papers Credit Cards Credit Cards
Paper Clips Paper Clips Staples Staples
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor Warranty
Freight: $70
Kobra Shredder 240 C2
List Price: $1,675
Our Price: $1,047

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The Kobra cross cut shredder 240 C2 is a security level-4 office crosscut shredder that can reduce paper and credit cards to 3/32 x 5/8-inch pieces. The carbon hardened blades in the Kobra 240 C2 cross cut shredder effortlessly cut through paper clips and staple pins. It has a throat width of 9.5 inches and comes with all the useful features that make Kobra shredders one of the most intuitive and robust machines.

The Kobra office shredder shreds the papers or plastics into pieces measuring 3/32" x 5/8". This makes the cross cut shredder ideal for use in firms where the security level 4 shredding operations are required. It can shred ten sheets at once and operates at a shred speed of 22ft. /min. It operates noiselessly and has a noise level of 61 dba.

This Kobra 240 C2 cross cut shredder like most Kobra models features automatic start/stop function that translates to hassle-free and reliable operation. The Kobra 240 C2 starts processing as soon as it senses material on its feed opening and stops when the job is complete or its 9.5-gallon removable wastebasket is full. Users can dispose of the waste easily by removing and disposing of the Kobra Shredder bag. These accessories are available as an additional option.

The advantage of using the Kobra Shredder bags is that the user prevents the risk of sustaining injuries. Shredded pins and pointed harmful plastics collect in the bag neatly. There is no mess and no risk of accidental injuries.

Kobra shredder 240 C2 features a thermally protected motor that results in extended operation without overheating. Like most crosscut shredders by Kobra, the 240 C2 features an 'ENERGY SMART' management system, which prevents the unit from consuming electricity in standby mode. Weighing only 40 lbs., the Kobra 240 C2 cross cut shredder is quite portable. Users can easily place it anywhere. The dimensions (WxDxH) are 14.5" x 13" x 22", which make the Kobra office shredder a very compact shredding machine fits into any office space easily and is safe to use at home as well.


Alcaman presents Kobra 240 a professional shredder of the classic line. Kobra 240 shreds up to 29 sheets at a time. Credit cards, CDs, DVDs and films. Activates automatically at material intake. Shredding can be stopped and reversed at just by touching the stop button. Convenient and safe at 240 millimeter main throat. A sensor detects the bin removal and stops the cutting knives. Paper and plastic shreds are collected into two separate integrated bins, one for paper and one for plastic for a 35 litre overall capacity. The removal bin does not require plastic bags. The energy smart energy saving system puts the shredder into a power saving standby mode. Cutting knives are made of carbon hardened steel unaffected by staples and metal clips. 24-hour continuous duty motor without duty cycle and the chain drive system with metal gears provides strength and durability over the years

Model 240 C2
Shred Size 3/32" x 5/8"
Sheet Capacity up to 10
Shredder Speed 22 ft./min.
Noise level 61 dba
Shred Type Cross Cut
Security Level 4
Bin Size 9.5 Gallon
Throat width 9.5"
Dimensions (WxDxH) 14.5" x 13" x 22"
Power 3/4 HP
Weight 40 lbs.
Kobra 240 C2 Office Cross Cut Paper Shredder
I needed a powerful shredder for my office workers to use. They shred a large number of documents each day so they needed something reliable and dependable for their daily duties. It seemed to have some wonderful specifications so I decided to buy the machine for my office workers.

I like that it has a 24-hour continuous duty motor for lengthy shredding jobs. It has the ability to shred paper, paper clips, and staples. The continuous duty motor of the shredder powers through any task with an even amount of power with each cut. My office workers shred several hundred sheets of paper per week so it is so important that it can perform up to my expectations.

The machine has all automatic functioning. It took my office workers a few minutes to learn how to use. It is also easy to maintain. I oil the cutting blades according to the manufacturer's instructions, and I have not had any problems yet. I had to purchase the oil separately, but it was not very expensive. Some shredders come with the automatic oiling system, but this one does not. I don't find that it is a great inconvenience, but some may want to opt for a machine with the automatic oiling system if they do not have time to maintain the machine.

I can shred up to 10 sheets of paper at one time. This number may not seem high, but the shredder is a level 4 security machine that cross-cuts the sheets. I am very happy with the machine that I purchased.
Supplies and accessories for Kobra Shredder 240 C2
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Title Price
Kobra Shredder Bags[SB-35] Kobra Shredder Bags
Quantity: 50 Bags/Box
Kobra Shredder Oil[1032] Kobra Shredder Oil
Quantity: 4 - 7 oz. bottle.
Warranties for Kobra 240 C2 Shredder
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Kobra Shredder Oil[Kobra 240 C2-W1]
1 Year Extended Warranty
Kobra Shredder Oil[Kobra 240 C2-W2]
2 Years Extended Warranty
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