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Kobra Shredder 260 TS HS-6 NSA/CSS 02-01 Approved

High Security Cross Cut Shredder
  • Security Level: 6
  • Shred Type: Cross Cut
  • Shred Size: 1/32" x 7/36"
  • Sheet Capacity: up to 6
  • Shredder Speed: 17 ft./min.
  • Bin Size: 16 Gallon
  • Throat width: 10.25"
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 16" x 14.4" x 32"
  • Weight: 71 lbs.
Can Shred:
Papers Papers    
Condition: New
Warranty: one year parts & 90 days labor & five years for the cutting blade
Freight: Free Shipping
Kobra Shredder 260 TS HS-6
List Price: $3,725
Our Price: $2,328

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The Kobra 260 TS HS-6 is a high-security cross-cut shredder which is perfect for shredding top-secret and highly sensitive documents. With its high-security features, the shredder is highly recommended for government institutions or military agencies. Working at security level 6, it shreds with the speed of six sheets per pass and produces shredded particles of 0.03" x 0.19", which can never be assembled again.

The Kobra 260 TS is manufactured with a range of user-friendly features which makes it quite convenient to use. It features a digital touch screen control panel, using which users can completely control the shredding process. It assists the users by displaying the exact load requirement. This feature contributes in avoiding the paper-jam. The shredder is also equipped with an automatic reverse mechanism which is used to release the paper-jams. With a touch of a single control, it reverses the operation and releases the over-fed paper. It is also equipped with a waste basket to hold the shredded waste. The 16 Gallon volume of waste basket is pretty much for high-volume shredding.

The Kobra 260 TS can be equipped with an optional metal detection system. If any metal is inserted in the shredder by mistake, it alerts the operator with an optical signal and does not start operation unless the metal is removed. The shredder is manufactured with an energy saving mechanism. It switches to stand-by mode after 8 seconds of inactivity. If it is not used for hours, then it automatically cuts it off from the main power supply. This way it conserves a lot of energy. The shredder requires very less maintenance. It can be fitted with automatic oiling system which saves the users from the hectic process of manual oiling. All in all, the shredder is a perfect piece.

Model 260 TS HS-6
Shred Size 1/32" x 7/36"
Sheet Capacity up to 6
Shredder Speed 17 ft./min.
Noise level55 dba
Shred TypeCross Cut
Security Level 6
Throat width 10.25"
Can Shred Papers
Dimensions (WxDxH)16" x 14.4" x 32"
Bin Size 16 Gallon
Power 3/4 HP
Voltage 115/60 V/Hz
Weight 71 lbs
Kobra 260 TS HS-6 High Security NSA 02-01 Shredder
I bought the Kobra 260 TS HS-6 after getting glowing raves about it from a close friend. He ensured me that this would transform my business. I tested his machine out, and I was very confident that this is the right machine for my business and me.

I was shocked at first that the machine could only handle 6 sheets per pass. I realized that this was a high level security machine that we both had. It has a low capacity because it takes a longer time to cut the paper into tiny little pieces. I was happy to know that it can shred a daily capacity of 1000 sheets of paper. This is far more than either of us will ever use the machine, but it is good to know that the option is available if we need it.

The machine is very sound in structure. It is made of top quality material that will likely last for the life of my business. The cutting knives are extra strong and durable. The cutting heads have the capacity to shred paper and media with no difficulties. I like that there are separate compartments for my media and paper shreds. The shredder even uses separate cutting heads to handle the jobs. I think that this is quite amazing.

The machine has an abundance of automatic functions that I like. It can automatically start and stop, reverse, and shut off on its own. I save energy and extend the life of my machine all in one.

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